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Ramblings of a tarnished mind

Nephir's brain

Nephir Nuit
31 October 1962
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I no longer keep up this journal, but still occasionally post to my Insane Journal (where the customers are actually listened to). You can find me there as Nephir.

Begun as a RPG character in a GURPs campaign, Nephir happily took on a life all her own without her host noticing until it was too late to evict her from her brain.

Nephir's host is currently playing happily in the Sylum Clan sand box as McGee and has recently been trying to write again, mainly drabbles and dribs of stories.

While I am not a power poster to LJ, nor do I post a lot of comments in other's journals, I enjoy reading my friends page and welcome the chance to make new friends whenever possible, so if you find me by accident and friend me, chances are I'm gonna friend you right back!
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